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Done.  It’s completed, blocked, and ready for the 100 degree weather that we are having here.  That’s not the point though, my 3rd Color Craving is completed.  There were conflicting thoughts in my head whether I should use Color C for the border as written or if I should use Color A to make it more subtle.  I toyed with both ideas and one of my knitting friends (Bear-Ears) said to me, “well you already put edison bulb in, so you might as well.”  After that and looking at other projects that actually used that color in Color C I was convinced.  The results are perfect, bright, cheery, and I think I got another knitter to make another in bright colors like mine.  I’m hoping to see that done, because knowing her she will finish it within a few days.

So now that this project is done I have to choose something else to knit on.  Two projects were actually chosen, Banana Leaf and finishing my Viajante.  Banana Leaf needs a little more brain power, but not much.  Mainly it’s managing the ribbing, moving the markers around (which I don’t like markers, I don’t use them unless the pattern uses “repeat till the marker”), and because it’s kind of a slick yarn that was chosen.  Malabrigo Lace was the choice, in this stunning kind of royal purple, should be rather fetching when it’s done.  The worm hold to insanity (Viajante) just needs to be off the needles and it’s my just autopilot knitting, which some days you just need.  That has become my morning, sipping on my cup of coffee knitting, which is perfect while I’m waking up.

Now Stithces West 201q6 is comming up and I have to decide what I want to do for it.  Decide f I want to take a class, if I’m going to buy anything, anything I want to knit and show off there, etc…  Last time you remember I did not buy anything, didn’t take any classes, and I knit Sari to show off.  I think this year will be another similar, Bosphorus, which is in the same yarn, but not as intense.  I’m thinking this will be a good kit to get, at the end of the year after I knit through the stash a bit. Have to contain it, I think it tries to get me in my sleep and I need to get it back into their plastic bin prison.  My yarn inmates have been misbehaving and I’ve been a lazy knitting warden.  No more of that, they will be in their bins and contained, no yarn buying till the end of the year (except a kit at the end of the year).