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Does anyone else feel that they don’t have enough time in a day to get everything that you want to get done?  There is so much that we all have to do, things we want to get done, and we only have 24 hours in a day to do them.  For me I have school, work, all of the knitting, weaving, and spinning that I want to do, not to mention all of the designing as well.  There is just a finite amount of time that I have for all of it and it makes me a little crazy.  Should I weave today, or spin, or knit, or design, or something else?  Too many options, but I think that I will be ok.  The designs have a plan, I need needles out of projects that I’m almost done with so I need to finish them and then I can get those going again.

Just working on the Viajante still, it’s getting pretty big.  I am currently working up to the border, which is taking some time.  I’m not sure if the 100g that I allocated will be enough for it, but I’m going to see what others have done and take it from there.  Looking at one of my friends who made two already, noliegirl’s Do you Know the Way to Santa Fe?, she takes great notes especially when you have weights in there.  What she did was knit until about 118g and then started the netting.  I last weighed in around 200g, which means I need to knit about another 90 grams and then start the netting.  She and I similar in height, so I think that if I made one to around the same weight/length that would be good.  I don’t even know what the stitch count is, but I know it’s probably over 350 sts, I don’t think I want to count the stitches.

I am liking the change of the skein that I’m using.  The outside that I was starting from the lighter part of the giant skein, now it’s on the darker part of the skein.  My mother saw the Viajante and she wants one for her Christmas gift.  I think I will do it, but I have to find another Miss Babs Katadin or Kilimanjaro skein in a color she would wear.  She did like Shaken not Stirred, Deep Sea Jelly Fish, Coffee Break, and I bet there are others that she would like as well.  That is another exception to the no yarn till the end of the year (including the kit that I want to get and knit for stitches).  I’m going to be knitting a lot of stockinette in the round.
Now it’s on the weigh till you can edge game.