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I’m still working down the ball of the huge skein of Miss Babs Kilimanjaro, it’s last weigh in was 190g.  I need to get down to 120g in order to start the border and then finally be done with this project.  It just takes me a while, even with the speed that I can knit, I think the wormhole is really the proper term for this project.  Knitting a large tube, that has a beginning and and end that is (or seems to be) light years away.  I also think that at that end is a black hole which is where I’m at.  You knit and knit and think that you are getting somewhere but that’s the problem, it seems that you really aren’t getting anywhere.  70g may take me longer then I think, or it may zoom by because of the increasing that happens.  For sure I don’t know all I can really do is keep going and hope that I get to border and bind off soon.

This is another Time Warp so try not to get too confused, if you get nauseous please grab the paper bag in front of your seat and brace yourself.

Friday at my LYS I spent a while knitting on the tube, kept weighing it every few hours.  I was starting to go insane knitting, weighing, knitting, weighing.  One of my friends there had hers with her and so at the end of the night we measured up.  I was about 3-4″ away from where she started her edging.  The insanity was growing, I went home and knit more.  The rounds are very long now, which means it also consumers a lot of yarn per round.   Finally at the end of the night I weighed the skein again.  140g was the final weigh in for the night, I had to sleep.



The weekend provided little time for knitting, but a few rounds were completed.  Finally on monday night, the edging was started when 120g was reached.  I thought the edging would make this fly by, except it’s a mesh pattern and it takes forever.  Now 5 repeats of the lace mesh done, holly cow does this take a while.  It looks so good in the the color that I chose.  But there is no denying that the border is not that interesting still, however it just means that I’m almost done with this.  I’m hoping that by Friday that I can block this and get it into my finished yardage for the year.  Which I have been neglecting updating that, but I will be able to add more and more to it soon.