I have not posted recently because again things became super complicated in my life, which I won’t get a resolution until sometime this week.  But lets put that aside for now and go into what I’ve been knitting.

  1.  I finally finished the Suke-Suke Cowl, it’s not as wide as the pattern states.  I only did 2 full repeats and the pattern asks for 3.  I just ran out of yarn and I had to make the call at that time.
  2. It is really pretty, even though it’s not blocked yet.  The ends are all in, just waiting for it’s bath.
  3. I’ve been doing some test knitting, which when that pattern goes live from the designer I’ll link it here.
  4. I have not bought any yarn since August.  I know that’s shocking, but I’m still resolute in my goal to not buy yarn until the new year.
  5. That’s not including the kit that I want to get, to make for stitches west 2016.
  6. That dyer is currently on hiatus, so that might not happen this year.  Unless I can get it and knit it really quickly
  7. Did I mention that the item I want to knit is double the size of Sari?
  8. I might be a little insane, but mainly just infatuated with the yarn and pattern.
  9. I haven’t forgotten my designs, I’ve just had little bandwidth lately.  But they are still there, in my mind or on my desk, begging for me to knit them.
  10. The new Stephen West mystery came up and I am just going to sit this one out and watch what happens.  If I like it after clue 3 then I might stash dive and knit it.  Otherwise I’ll just knit something else.
  11. Some of my friends came back from rhineback and showed off their hauls from the event.  Lets just say they did very well not going too crazy, but brought back a lot of good yarn/fiber.  I really want to go next year, but I don’t know if that will happen or not, more likely 2017, but that we will just have to see.
  12. If I did go or when I go, I know I’m going to have to back smartly and as light as possible to maximize the amount of yarny goodness that I can bring back.  But then again, there’s only so much you can fit in a carry on suitcase.
  13. I’ve been thinking about what I can knit out of stash that would have the most impact, which I figured out would be sweaters.  I have a coats quantity of super bulky rowan tweed, which I was planning on making a Elizabeth Zimmerman Aran Coat out of it.  Even though here in California, there would be no need for such a coat. But there is also a possibility that I will need it for Rhineback/wherever I move to after college (if the moving happens).
  14. I had the crazy notion to complete a dwarven battle bonnet before Halloween.  It’s possible my mind is now mush and any crazy notion sounds like a great idea.
  15. I’ll be in my stash.