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You may or may not have read my last blog in which I had signs of knitting insanity, if you haven’t let me just quickly fill you in.  I had a weird notion that I could knit a Dwarven Battle Bonnet in 3 days in order to wear it on Saturday for Halloween.  That thought came to me when I was driving home from work late Tuesday night.  Wednesday I had more common sense then to start and finish something that fast so I let the thought die off. That is until Thursday…
Thursday I thought I could do it and from stash. Now I don’t have a lot of worsted weight yarn and that small amount I do is mainly sweater quantity. I remembered that I had some Cascade 220 in more then a sweater quantity, perfect for the hat since my hair would help keep the not super soft yarn from itching. Then I had to worry about the beard. I remembered I had some single worsted skeins of Madelinetosh in DK and Vintage. Yes I know it wouldn’t be the best use of the yarn but I figured the softest stuff should be on the face. I pulled out a skein of Dutchesd and Fjord (a great color, too bad it’s discontinued).  I then cast on that night. I had almost the whole brim done and headed to bed. 

The next day I knit like crazy, went to my knitting group and kept knitting. I finished the hat really quickly, then came the beard. I opted for the simpler beard due to time constraints.  I got the knitting done by that night but put it to the side since I did need to sleep. 
Time warp 

1.  Where did time go? I have no idea what day it is anymore or how long it’s been since I was here (oh wait it says 12 days). 

2.  The suke-suke cowl was given to its recipient with a warm reception. She loved it and she said she was getting tons of compliments on it, a successful knitting story. 

3.  I started the conflagration earlier last week, out of stash (surprise surprise) in some yarn from stitches 2014. I’m knitting it out of Miss Babs Yummy (I think that’s the base) and the color is Bats***crazy. It’s turning out really cool, I like the look. I think I’ll be glad when it’s done. 

4.  A semi mindless knit, but you do have to keep track of where you are on the chart at all times. By the way, the work that went into the charts is well worth the price of the pattern. 

5.  One of my knitting friends when I told her that it’s been since August since I bought yarn said, “I’m surprised you’re not going crazy climbing  the walls yet.” Which is true I’m starting to feel the withdrawal. 

6.  Then I just look at the stash and the feeling is gone. I may keep going past the beginning of the year and even past stitches 2016. 

7.  I think enabling others has helped me not go too crazy.

8.  I may have a case of startitis, I want to cast on a hat, shawl, sweater, design, and everything I have needles for. I’m not going to, trying to get things started and finished out of stash. 

9.  I want to turn one of the stash bind into a finished knits bin. But that will be a while. 

10.  Just keep knitting…. So much yarn to knit.