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How time has been flying lately, I still can’t believe it’s December already. And in a week’s time we will be brining in the new year, 2016 should be an interesting year.  Things are in full bloom around here, the tree has been up for a while now, lights didn’t need stringing (benefit of a already strung tree), and gifts are out.  The fireplace greets you with a push of a button, such a great thing on cool nights.  My last post was some time ago, so lets just go through a bullet point time warp at lightning speed.

  1.  Finals for me are done, I completed them all by Wednesday last week, so that means freedom for I believe 6 glorious weeks.
  2. In that time I think I slept maybe 12 hours in a week.
  3. I still have been wearing some of my knits, today I’m planning what I’ll be wearing to the family dinner.
  4. Christmas knitting has been done for a month or two.
  5. Blocking needed to be done still and I finally did it late last night
  6. That one item is the Viajante made out of Miss Babs Kilimanjaro in the color, Believable.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  7. That is the only thing that I knit for the holidays, because I am not going to knit up a storm for everyone, I wanted to enjoy my knitting time.
  8. Strönd is done, seams, ends, and all.  It is very comfy and  I really like how it turned out, the colors are subtle from a distance.  But when you get closer you see how the yarn just plays with color.
  9. It’s now been over 4 months since I bought yarn.
  10. I almost fell last Friday, to some gorgeous silk I have been petting for weeks.
  11. I almost fell again yesterday to the same yarn, but I was told to put it on hold for a few days so I can really think about it.
  12. I think I’m ready for a drink.