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With that title you all must be racking your brains to figure out what that could mean. Stitches West 2016? Nope that’s in February, so only about 2 months away at this time. A vacation? Nope I will be in school again in that time so that wouldn’t be it either. Ok, I will tell you all what that means and it might just shock you.  It kind of shocks me and every knitter that finds out.
That time in the title is how long I went without buying yarn. Yes, 4 months and 16 days since I last bought yarn. No that doesn’t mean I didn’t look at yarn at my LYS, touch it, contemplate it, and almost bought some but stayed strong. I have been looking at yarn, yarn, and more yarn, but nothing got me to break the yarn diet, until the silk. If you didn’t know already I have a big weak point for silk, but we will get to that.  I have silk in my stash and it’s very gorgeous (if you must know it’s Tosh Silk Lace).  Of course I have blends with silk in it, cashmere, and the like, but nothing in the right weight to make something besides lace shawls.


Well, my LYS (which is wonderful and I want them to stay around) gets in good stuff as you may or may not know by this point.  There has been a bit of Madelinetosh that I have seen come and go, I held my ground and resisted.  I pulled some of it to the table and enabled others into buying it. I even pulled a shop sample of a kit onto one of my knitting friends, so she could see how perfect it was for her.  For a while I was doing well, until the silk came up.  The shop owner talked to some of us about an idea she had and wanted opinions and color selections.  We gave her our opinions and she came up with a wonderful shop sample.  The 3 Color Cashmere Cowl by Joji Locatelli was the pattern chosen, out of Mora by Malabrigo.  That fingering weight  silk just feels and looks stunning.  After the sample had been up, I looked at it, petted it and the yarn, I tried it on, and walked away.  I knew if I looked at it more I would fall.  Just feeling how wonderful it was around the neck made me want the yarn more and more.  I had to be strong and walk away, keeping note of the colors I chose so that when I was going to buy yarn I would know which ones to get.


That was about a month ago, since then I enabled another to get the yarn to make the cowl in the silk, and a few other enabling.  But I had been good, until 2 weeks ago.  The Friday night group chanted for me to buy it, since I had been looking at it for a while at that point.  But I didn’t, I put it back, staying strong to my morals of no new yarn.  Then Wednesday the week of Christmas I pulled the yarn off the shelf and looked at it for a bit, deciding that I was going to buy it.  One of the staff I know said “you should put it on hold.”  I kept trying to buy, but she kept insisting for me to put it on hold.  It took me a minute to realize, but I figured out I was going to have a gift card coming to me.  So I put it on hold, left it there, but it never left my mind.  Finally on Wednesday this week I bought it, this silk has a design swatch (with scrap Tosh) made previously before I bought it, so I know what it’s going to be.  Ok, with this kind of lead up you must want to see the colors that I chose.  Wait no further.


I’m quite happy with the colors, I think this will be wonderful when it’s done.  But there is one other design that comes before it.


Oh right quick note, I had a design on the needles, and I’m happy with it so far.  I have a deadline for it in my head, but that may be a little ambitious, but I’m going to try my best.