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Remember two years ago when I went to Stitches West 2014 I kind of went a little overboard?  If you don’t lets just put it this way, I came to the convention on our light rail system, but couldn’t return home on it.  I mean I could have, but it would have been a real hassle to bring it all back, not to mention the looks I would have received.  Not that I have a problem with the looks, just the idea of lugging all of that yarn and fiber back home didn’t sound fun.  Thankfully a friend of mine took pity on me and took me back home.  Because of that falling down repeatedly I didn’t buy anything last year at stitches.  I’ve finally started knitting through some of the yarn that I bought that year.  Sold one of the skeins of Skinny Bugga, traded the skein of “We are all mad here” Cannon Hand dyes, knit up the other, two skeins of Abstract Super sock are currently in progress for a design, Shalimar Breathless is halfway done on a test knit and two of the Miss baby (Bats***t crazy and zombie prom) are almost finished objects.  The rest is still sitting in stash, needing attention, wanting to be complete, find it’s purpose.  It’s a sound that some people out there may be familiar with.


Keeping this in mind, one of the things that I need to cut down on is my spinning stash.  I don’t have nearly the same amount of fiber as I do yarn (I have way more yarn), but there is a key difference between the two.  Weight for weight fiber takes up a lot more room.  So I could have 16 ounces of fiber or 16 ounces of yarn and the yarn would take up a lot less room (mostly).  One of my knitting friends did something last year that I thought was kind of crazy, but now I realize it was kind of brilliant.  It’s called spin the bin and it’s a way in order for you to spin down your fiber stash.  You have to declare minimum of 2 ounces per braid, 12 braids, and they all must be spun by one year.  Dec 20, 2015 – Dec 31, 2016 is the current spin the bin so I am a little bit behind.  I have to go through my fiber stash and see what I want to get to.  I have a rough estimate in my head what I want to spin for this bin.  The only problem is that I like to spin super fine, I’m talking 3 ply light fingering weight yarn, so this may be a challenge for me.  But in essence it’s spinning 4 ounces a month until the end of the year, sounds do-able to me.  We will have to wait to another post to see what fibers I choose.


Knitting wise I’ve been working on the Loxley for my friend, it’s going well, but I have to double check that the hood size is going to be good for her.  Other then that, the test knit looks good, feels good, pattern is good, and I told the designer last week that they should release asap.  I’ll let you know what pattern that is, with pictures, once the pattern is public.  Other then that I have been slowly working on that design, it had to be ripped back once before because I couldn’t even follow my own pattern, but don’t worry I’ve fixed that, it’s back on track and making some good progress.  It’s just taking me some time because I want to make sure I get this one right, it’s gone through a lot of revisions to get it to this final version.


I think it’s time for me to go through the fiber stash, lets see what all I have…