Well there’s no more secret test knitting, with no pictures being able to be shared.  That test knit is done, the pattern is live, and I think you might like it.   That test knit would be for the Whiskey and Rye Socks designed by Audry, who is a friend of mine.  We all saw these socks and we all knew that they would be something we wanted to knit.  However, the larger size is too big for most of the knitters around the table, me being one of the very few it would fit there.  So I volunteered to test knit the pattern, but lets clear up one thing.  I have not finished them yet, I know how horrible of me not finishing a pair of socks.  I have my reasons, one of those being I have a lot of things on the needles that need to be worked on.  Which means I spread my time as evenly as I possibly can.  However, don’t fret I do have evidence of my test knit, which I did out of Miss Babs Yummy in Zombie Prom.


Aren’t they just awesome? Picture will come soon.   I like how the color plays with itself throughout the design.  I might need to pull out the Zombie Reunion and make another pair.  But only after this pair and a few other things are complete.  I did do some swatching, but that will come a bit later when I’m ready to knit on that.  There’s a bit of math involved because of the gauge the pattern uses and the gauge that I got.  But for now I am working through the Loxley for my friend, which is taking a bit longer then I anticipated.  It’s just a lot of knitting compensating for lots of hair.  I’m going to have her test fit it one more time to make sure my alterations are good and I’ll finish the brim and make the scarf portion.


I did start something new, something that from the moment I got the yarn I knew what it was going to be.  The yarn was a gift 2 Christmases ago, Madelinetosh Merino DK in Tart, and it’s a good Tart.  The pattern it’s now becoming is Scrollwork and I have to say it’s going fairly quickly.  I started it Monday evening and am currently done. Finished it Friday, just need to wash and block it now. 

I started a new seater, wanted to knit it in a week. Probably not, but maybe 2 weeks??