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This has been an interesting knitting week for me. We start off with that swatch that lied to me. Well that still hasn’t gotten it’s resolution. I’m still thinking of ripping it out and going with the size I was intending to knit on. But that’s the least of my worries at the moment. It was however the ominous event that led to two other knitting issues. One of them was preventable by myself while the other was the luck of the draw. The socks I test knit, they’re almost done. I have the second sock almost down through the gusset, but there is a blaring problem. I am running out of yarn at an alarming rate and not one that I can just play yarn chicken with. It’s now at that point where I am going to run out and there is no real good solution, except for buying another skein. I don’t feel like dealing with that at this moment and I put it away. It may get me to go to stitches, but I might just order a skein and ask if it’s possible for her to send a skein that is close to what I have. I know it won’t be a perfect match and that’s fine. 

No the really big issue is with my Girasole. You remember that from my trip to the UK, well I brought it back out. I really want it to be done so I can enjoy it and so the needless can be free. Well I found out that I didn’t read the pattern enough and I ended up blowing past something important. But let’s back up first, because I was thinking why is this so small, am I sure I’m doing this right. Is there a repeat this pattern I miss? And I looked at the pattern and realized I did exactly that. I didn’t see the repeat this chart 3 times total. I knit it once and was almost done with the next chart. So I had to make a choice, add more size to the pattern, or just keep going.  I made the decision that I wanted the extra width the repeats would have given me so I decided to go back to the end of the first repeat of that chart. Looking at it I though at first I’ll put in a lifeline 4 rounds below and then just knit the next row. But with how the pattern moves it wasn’t going to happen. So I decided the best solution was to remove the needles, rip out 3 rounds and put the stitches back on as I rip out the final round. Avert your eyes if you are knitting squeamish. 

Yes that’s the entire 600ish stitches with no needle. So I did it, everything went smoothly, and now it’s back on track. Halfway through the second repeat of the chart, making slow but steady progress. Let’s hope I can actually bother myself to read the pattern, otherwise this wouldn’t have happened.  Back to knitting.