1.  Progress has come to a halt. I haven’t been really working that much on my knitting.

2. I have been trying to work more on the girasole after

3. I’m on the border finally, I thought I would never see it.

4.  It’s 640 sts around, it’s slow progress

5.  I will not be at Stitches this year.  I decided a week ago that I wasn’t going to go, there is nothing that is screaming “buy me!”  I’m going to do something else today, not knitting, but photography related.

6.  I did buy some yarn about 2 weeks ago now, I’m still waiting for it.  Not the dyers fault, the shipping provider is dropping the ball.

7.  I’m already thinking about what I’m going to be knitting next after Girasole.

8.  I have this crazy idea for March, knitting on only one thing until it’s done.  No switching between projects, just powering through a project from start to finish.  Hopefully getting me to finish more projects, maybe I’ll do more spinning too.

9.  Crap I forgot about spin the bin.  I better get to work on that too.