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As many of you may or may not know I made the decision  this year to not go to stitches west. I’ve gone for the past 7 or so years and this year I thought about it. I sat there, thinking long and hard about going. But why did I want to go? To see my favorite vendors, but I didn’t need anymore yarn (it’s always a want, but I’m trying to get my stash down).  Well I could have gone just to see new vendors, but nothing on the list excited me. But of course it could just be to go and be social.  But in a market place where there is temping fibers and yarns all over I think I would have been more concentrated on that. There was no reason for me to go this year, so I didn’t.  I went to a state park instead and did a whole day hike with my dad.  Of course being me and my dad we had our backpacks full of photography gear and headed out.  We spent around 6 hours hiking around, taking photos, just taking in the beauty of the park.


There was so much to see, so many photo opportunities.  I’m not sure if I discussed this on here or not but I primarily shoot film.  Which might sound strange in the age of digital technology, but this analog form just gets to me in the right ways.  I could talk and talk about it, writing long love stories of film, but I won’t.  This is a knitting blog after all, but I will share a photo or two from the hike.  These are from my digital camera, I haven’t gotten the film developed yet, still have a few shots left.



And I’m writing this 2/29, the last day of February, which means tomorrow starts Monogamous knitting march.  I know this sounds crazy, but I really want to get through more of my WIPs.  This should help and if it goes well then I think that a few other months will be turning into only one knitting project start to finish.  Since I finished the knitting on Girasole tonight (finally) I have the Loxley for my friend I need to finish.  That’s the project to start off this venture.  After that I haven’t really decided.  I don’t think there’s enough knitting there for the whole month, so chances are I’ll pick something else up.  Either a WIP or something new, just depends on my mood.