I had a small glitch with the monogamous knitting. The loxley that I was making needed another skein and I was going to run out. So I ordered a skein and I called upon my monogamous knitting friend. I needed advice if I was going to stop knitting till it arrived or what else. Fortunately I got the yarn and finished it, but that wasn’t the glitch. I finished the project which was good but then I needed to knit on the next project. It took me some time to figure it out. I decided on the conflagration which I was knitting it out of Miss Babs Yummy in Bats***crazy. Love how it’s looking but I was not happy knitting it. Nothing wrong with the pattern, I just was not wanting to knit on it. So I had to think, either knit on it and not want to, or just stop and frog it. 
I know it’s crazy, 6 repeats in, with about 8 more to go, I should finish it. But I just couldn’t get myself to do it. After much talk around the table at knit night I decided that it’s going back into the WIP bin. It’s also under frogging consideration, I might finish it one day. But it’s not going to be right now, so back to the what am I going to knit phase. I figured another WIP would be a good place to start. I looked through my queue too to see what else I could work on. But I pulled out he Adonis pullover I started a while ago. It’s out of FiberSpates Scrumptious sport and I forgot how much I love this yarn line. Being a merino silk it’s so soft and fun to knit with. The pullover has one sleeve done and the other almost half way. So I picked it up, started knitting, and I’m so much happier. It’s going fairly quick, well as quick as sport weight on US 3s can go. After this sleeve I’m going to get the body started. 

In other news, I am about 80% sure I will be attending Rhineback this year. I still have a few things to iron out before I can be 100% sure.