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We are slowly progressing to the end of March, which it doesn’t feel like the end of March to me.  Honestly it still feels like the first few days of March. As always this year is going by way too fast, which means that in reality everything is going to happen in rapid succession. In any case every morning when I actually get up with my alarm (instead of my body just thinking it suggestion) I have my ritual. Get up, turn on the coffee maker, human functions, make my coffee, open up my knitting bag, pull up YouTube, and knit while having my coffee. It’s something I do every morning, it’s my ritual. It’s something you can sometimes tell when I don’t have time in the morning to do it. 
I’m not sure what that tell tale sign is, but it’s there. I think I’m just more on edge and under caffeinated if I don’t have time for the ritual. It keeps me human, or as human as possible given all of the things I have to do on a daily basis. 


Yes that is the Adonis pull over and yes that is also in Fyber Spates Scrumptious sport. I really do like this yarn, soft nice to work with (besides the occasional split stitch). This project will be going over monotonous knitting March and that’s ok. I’m kind of liking this one project at a time thing. I might just continue forward with it. 
Might just be I need more caffeine to come to my senses. Only one way to find out, more coffee.