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As a knitter there are times that we know exactly what we want to knit. We know the exact pattern, yarn, needles, gauge, and every little detail that will go into that project.   That yarn for that project may be in stash, or it could arrive one day at your local yarn shop.  When you see it you know exactly what it is going to be and how much you want it.  Or sometimes you just know what something is going to be even without seeing or touching it first.  As a designer I have to look at a yarn, it’s color, texture, and have it go through my mind.  It has to take on a journey from start to finish to know exactly what it’s going to be, look like, feel like, and make me want to start it.


I went up to another local yarn shop on Saturday, looking for a yarn I needed for a design, part of a series I’m working on.  I won’t give you any details on what that series is, the yarn I purchased, or anything.  But I will say that I had to make decisions right then and there in the shop, is that amount of yarn going to be enough, is this garment going to have this attribute or not.  Stitch pattern, size, all of that and a myriad of other decisions made within a few minutes.  So I picked up the yarn, brought it home and now it taunts me a little bit.  I’m really surprised that I’m sticking to the whole monogamous knitting so well.  This is the second project that I’m going to cast on, the first, well that’s something I’ll have to make you all wait to find out about.


For now heres a picture inside of the shop.  I have to finish my Adonis Pullover, just about half way to the underarms.