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Lets start off by saying monogamous knitting has been a great way for me to get through projects that may have been lamenting.  I’m able to get WIPs done that I might not have previously.  No I still have not finished weaving in the ends or blocked the Adonis pullover, it takes me a bit of time to weave in the individual plies of the yarn.  Since it’s a finer weight of yarn, I wanted to make the ends really disappear.  It’s only a 2-ply yarn, but still it takes me a while to get them all woven in.  Maybe I’ll continue to do that this week.  In any case, I did finish the Snare hat out of Plucky Bello Worsted in Strut Your Stuff.  I will say I love this yarn, it feels really nice to work with, creates a nice fabric, but it’s a light worsted, not a standard worsted.  Even still I’m very happy with the end product and the recipient is happy with it as well.  I was told that their friends are jealous that they got something hand knit.  In any case, it’s done and I have pictures to prove it.



Now that it’s done I can work on something else I’ve been looking forward to starting.  Yes this is another design, no I haven’t forgotten about the one that I just finished.  That one is being finalized in the written before it goes out to the test knitters.  Then the coordinating with the model is also happening, so don’t worry you’ll see the pattern soon enough.


But the new design is going to take a lot of time and math, it’s out of one of my favorite yarns, but I still need to do my do diligence first.  That means lots of swatches and math to ensure I have the right gauge before I start making the pattern.  What that pattern is going to be you’ll just have to wait and see.  But  for now just know it’s going to be amazing, or at least I hope so.  But since I’m working on a design that needs a lot of math and time spent before making the pattern (which is not my normal design work flow) I needed something to work on while doing this.  I know it’s not sticking with the monogamous knitting, but another designer friend of mine mentioned it might be good to have one while working on the pattern.  So I took her recommendation and weighed out some leftover yarn that I have and cast on for a On the Spice Market.  I’m using 7 colors of Madelinetosh, one that is a full skein and the other left over  from other projects.  I’m liking the colors so far, but still a little unsure of how they’re all working together.  I guess we will wait and see, unless anyone here has any opinions of what they think?



In any case, I have to do one more swatch before the math all begins and I can start designing and knitting the new design.  In the mean time I’ll be working my spice market while I mull over the math and maybe have to put it down for a bit while I figure out any road bumps.