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Well it’s been a little while again and I will say I was going to post earlier this week knowing that it was a little more overdue.  However with the events that happened early in the week I couldn’t get myself to write about anything.  I needed to take a few days and let the shock and horror subside a little bit.  I can’t say too much more about it without getting too emotional, but I will say my thoughts are with all those close to the victims.  And my town that I live in had a vigil early in the week too, which was nice to see, and thank you to Stephanie Pearl McPhee for your kind words too.


Lets get to something a little more upbeat, knitting.  Yes I have been knitting, still part of the morning routine, make coffee, watch youtube and knit for an hour.  I’ve been working on a large design project and that’s going very well actually, I think I already have two test knitters lined up for it.  It’s just an idea and part of it is knit, but I think that will give you an idea of how awesome it might be.  But I am working on my On the Spice Market, it’s going well. I’m on the final stretch now, the final section, just finished the first contract color block this morning, ready to start the next.  I think that I might need to get some of the small skeins of Lorna’s Laces Sock yarn and make another one.




Gotta get back to knitting, I’m so close to finishing.  That and with the main color I’m kind of playing a bit of yarn chicken with it.  Finishing the last color of the second section I saw that my ball of yarn was getting quite low.  I started to panic, so I did what every other sane knitter would do.  I checked on my LYS’s website to see if they had more of this color in stock.  They do, will it be an exact match?  Extremely unlikely, but it should be a close enough match.  For now I just have to see how long this ball lasts me, hopefully to the end of the project.  Not looking forward to sewing in those ends, maybe I’ll do that after lunch.