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That is what has been going through my mind as I have been working on my second on the spice market.  I’ve been calling it The pride market, but it also kind of looks like confetti cake.  Don’t get me wrong I like confetti cake, but it’s not my absolute favorite.  So it’s a little weird that I’m seeing both names in my head while knitting on it.  And speaking of knitting on it, it’s been a rather slow knit on it, due to the weather here.  It’s been hitting the low 90s, which yes for some of you is pretty tame, but for me it’s way too hot.  It is even worse that now it is long enough that it can sit on my lap, making me warmer.  You know I must be a little sadistic, knitting with wool during the summer, and not only that.  But I’m knitting with wool and making things that would fall into my lap as it grows.  I think once this is finished I’m going to need to have a more summer related knitting project to work on while focusing on designs.  Speaking of those, I haven’t really been working on my current design.  I just haven’t gotten out of the garter funk I’ve been in, until today.  Where I feel like I can work on designing fantastic patterns again.  That and I have a design for 3 colors of silk I kind of want to have for the summer.


Pretty isn’t it?  Of course it’s out of Madelinetosh Tosh Sock and Twist Light, and Fiber Seed Seedlings.  I’m very happy with how it’s turning out and how squishy the Fiber Seed yarn is.  I think I might need to get more of their yarn in bigger skeins, but once I get the stash more manageable.


I do have one pattern out to some test knitters right now (can’t remember if I mentioned that).  I’m waiting for them to finish to see what else needs to be changed in the pattern.  Not only that but I’m coordinating with the model and I want to make sure it’s a day that isn’t too warm, because modeling wool in the summer evening can be really uncomfortable.  But we will have to see what happens, it’s just going to take me some time to get all of this together.  Thorough I think it will be a great summer accessory if done in a silk.  I think I’m in a silk mood right now, even though I love wool, just hot weather and wool don’t mix.  I’m not looking forward to some of the photoshoots I have to model for that are going to be in wool.  I think I will do that, once I finish this knitting I’m going to pick something silk to work on.  Probably not the silk design just yet, maybe something out of Tosh Silk Lace.  I guess we will have to wait and see.