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Let’s start this off that this hasn’t happened before. We had some Madelinetosh get delivered to my local yarn shop, usually I can resist and I did. But there was a new color that came in that I liked, but it and another color was being looked at by my friend. She decided that she only needed 3 of each and left the other 2 skeins. I had them in front of me and another friend and I were looking at them. I told her if she wanted them she should get them. So she did and so the end of that skein, or so I thought. But then last week that yarn came back, she returned it. A friend that works there had it but she decided she didn’t want it and passed it along to another friend.  Then she decided she didn’t want it last Friday, so then it was in front of me. I knew it was destiny that it came back to me, but I needed to know what it was going to be if I bought it.
So I did, it’s very pretty, one of the better new colors from Tosh. I think it’s going to be a Sharktooth because the other 2 I knit were gifted to my mother and she loves them. But I miss having one of them and it was a fun knitting so I think the skein would be perfect for it. That yarn is Madelinetosh Sock in the colorway Marfa. I think it’s going to be a perfect Sharktooth.

I did visit another yarn shop yesterday, on my way up to Walnut Creek I stopped in Danville to a shop I had tried to visit 2 times prior but because of traffic I wasn’t able to get there in time. I finally got there and couldn’t have been more thrilled. This shop has yarns I can’t get in my local shop or the other few remaining. But the staff is also super friendly and the owner is such a sweet heart. The shop I’m talking about is A Yarn Less Raveled, not a large shop at all but is still full of wonderful treasures.

I walked around to see what all they had, even though I saw their impressive yarn selection online. I also had to cool down since it was 97F yesterday. Browsing around I was thinking about the designs I was working on and wanted to get something from there. I picked up a few things while I was there.  Here’s just a teaser picture of what I picked up, I’ll talk about them more… eventually…