There are certain things that happen in my life that warrant yarn purchases.  Most of the time I buy yarn because, you know, it’s irresistible to me.  Something about the color or fiber content, or both that just sing to me.  It calls out a siren song and tells me all of the possibilities that it could be.  Some were like the yarn from the shop I visited last week, where it told me exactly what it was going to be.  They told me what design they wanted to be and told me I knew they were perfect for it.  There are definitely yarns like that, but this yarn wasn’t for that reason.


I won’t go into detail what life event that was, but this was another one of those events.  I went through my local yarn shop and I looked at all of the yarn there.  I knew my birthday is this month so I would also hold off on anything crazy until then.  But I knew I needed something for this now tradition.  I picked up some more Malabrigo Mora to make a For the Love of Spiders.  I got a nice teal-y blue and a black, so I think it will work out well.  No pictures just yet, I will soon.  I just realized I really need to start cataloging my yarn in Revelry again, I’ve been slacking off on that.


Just a quick post and a friendly reminder, yarn will never leave you.