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I don’t think this will come to a surprise to many of you that I still have issues reading patterns, I think I’ve found out my problem.  When there is a shift in the pattern or I think I know what the pattern says without checking, I have a problem.  Lets talk about the most recent issue I had, which didn’t happen once, but twice.  I’m referring to My Cryptonite, which the pattern is written very well, it’s very clear, just my brain can’t compute.  Lets break it down shall we.

  1.  I knit through the part that repeats itself quite a lot, without any errors, well maybe one, but that was no big deal.
  2. I get to the part when the pattern changes slightly and I think I see it say something like “just keep going with the same pattern”.
  3. I keep going in this manner and about 30 rows in, I look at it and think it’s time to start a new section.
  4. I look at the pattern and curse myself.
  5. I repeated the wrong section for the last chunk after the big repeat section.
  6. Decided to rip it out and to do it correctly.
  7. Today I was knitting along and got to the written number of repeats for the new section
  8. Come to realize I forgot to repeat from the old section too before starting the new section
  9. Have a bit of turmoil of either I rip this out and get it right, because the third time is the charm.
  10. Or who about not, I don’t want to do this part again, it won’t make much difference.  I’ll just fudge it a little to get everything on track again.
  11. Early morning knitting while having school fatigued brain doesn’t help.
  12. The designer saw the picture of her design I was knitting that I posed on my instagram (@tygerknits if you’re interested).

Do I think that I’m going to be able to read patterns in the future?  Probably not.  Do I think I can still write a decent pattern?  Yes.  Do I want to get this knitting done to knit one more thing before next month?  Yes.