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Today is Sunday, which is a day I would normally be at work all day, come home, have a little time to do homework, knit, and relax.  Monday starts my long day at school, which means not a lot of time to do anything before I leave.  But it appears that I have caught the plague that has been going around, which started late Friday night.  Started with a sniffle, which shouldn’t happen since I take allergy medication 365 now (since they can be pretty bad).  But when I get a sniffle on top of that , I know I’m getting sick.  A few other things clue me in, like running way warmer then the warm I usually run (not a fever though), headache, then feeling cold and boom, sick.  My coworkers yesterday said that its good that it’s getting out of the way before I fly, I disagree.  It would have been better that it happened after I came back, or not at all.  What ca you do, you can’t win them all.  What that means though is that I have a full day to do whatever I need to do, granted it’s mainly sitting at home, trying to fend off the sick.  But what that means is that I get to knit today, more then I would have if I had to do my normal Sunday.  
I might have a shot in having my design done and ready before wednesday.  It’s a long shot though, I just started the last piece about an hour ago and it’s making good progress.  But then there is the blocking, ends, seaming, and all of that fun finishing bits that I need to do still.  If I’m diligent today however, I have a good shot of having it done.  I’m really hoping that I can get it done, so then I can swatch and work on something else, travel knitting.  I have that narrowed down at least to a cardigan, shawl, another shawl, another sweater, and a few other ideas.  Maybe even some socks that I’ve wanted to do for a bit, out of some fun hand dyed thicker yarn (not that thick, it’s a sport/DK weight).  But I do have a little time to think about it today, swatch, and get everything packed up.  I have the yarn wound up for the sweater though, some Casbah that I have had in stash for a little bit now.  It’s in the color Nori and I think would make a great light weight cardigan.  
Though I think that crazy thought I had about 2 weeks ago isn’t going to happen.  I wanted to make a super bulky sweater that I’ve wanted to make for a while now, which would be perfect for colder weather.  But even at my knitting speed as it is, with the time remaining I think it would be impossible.  Only with a knitting machine could I actually do it and my flat bed machine isn’t made for super bulky yarns.  Maybe when I return I will thin about casting that on and just have it waiting for the next time I need a big bulky sweater.  

And now a time warp.  It’s Sunday evening and I’m still taking my cold drugs (yes they’re helping, even if it doesn’t seem like much).  I am just over halfway on the last piece I need to make before this project can be called finished.  Lets hope that I can get it done.  Going to knit more and keep binge watching things on Netflix, I’ll post photos when I have the energy to take some.  Well not of this design, not yet, that you all will have to wait and see.  I have to start packing too, yikes.