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Well being sick does have some advantages I found out.  Being too stick to go anywhere and having to stay at home, I got a lot of knitting done.  I finished all of the knitting for my garment a few hours before my flight last night.  I was so happy with it, it came out better then I invisioned it.  Everything just fell into place, I just had to sew in the ends, and I just didn’t have time to block the rest of it.  But something else happened too, I got sick last Friday night, I was getting better up until the night I was supposed to fly out to New York.  I was feeling way worse then I thought, I decided that I should wait until after dinner to see how I was feeling.  I still didn’t feel good, I had to make a decision.  Go through all of the travel to get there and still feel sick or worse, or cancel the trip and be disappointed.  This was not an easy decision, I had spent the last 4 days siting at home, resting, knitting like a mad man to get ready for the trip.  But in the end, as you can guess it I had to stay home.  I wasn’t feeling good and I knew that traveling would make it worse.  I wish I could have gone, but it’s for the best, I’m still not 100%.  Granted I’m at around 75-85% now, but I don’t think that would have happened with the traveling.  
In any case I’ve been at home, knitting here and there, binge watching Netflix, and working on school assignments.  The design is finished, just need to sew in a few more ends and do a final block.  Then back to the computer to write up the pattern to get it test knitted.  With that off the needles I need to pick up another project in it’s place, maybe a design? Well I think the yarn that I wound up for Rhinebeck will be next.  I chose three projects to bring with me, a cardigan, shawl, and socks.  The socks are nothing new, they’re the same Mind the Gap Socks I was working on in London (no they’re not done yet).  

I chose Longfellow because it’s a simple cardigan that I think will look rather dashing on me.  The yarn is Casbah in the color Nori (seaweed), it’s a black overdyed green color.  I think it’s going to be a good knit for me and maybe I’ll get some good use out of a lightweight sweater here in California.  All the yarn is wound and I’m ready to cast on, I didn’t get the gauge for the pattern, I liked the gauge I got.  So I’m knitting the pattern one size up which will give me the size that I want to knit for myself.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll start, but it just depends how much I can get done on some other things.  

My Cryptonie has grown quite a bit, finally got through the first larger section of color C.  This was going to be another project to bring with me, because I probably would have finished it with all of the traveling that I would have been doing.  Not to mention down time and the ease of the pattern.  But I’m coming close to having it complete.  A bit of advice, if you knit this pattern, weave in your ends as you go.  I decided to cut colors A and B when getting to the big color C sections.  I knit tight and i didn’t think I could carry two yarns up the side and make it look good.  But I’ll be glad to get this one done so I can show it off.  

This yarn was going to be brought as a just in case I finish everything.  I know it’s a crazy thought to have traveled for only 3-4 days and finish everything.  Hear me out, if I finished My Cryptonite and the socks I would only have the cardigan.  This yarn is destined to be my third Sharktooth, since the other two were made for my mother.  Well the first one got claimed by her.  So this will be a sharktooth, once I have the right sized needles available.  
For now I’ll just be here, studying, writing papers, knitting, and wishing I was at Rhinebeck.  Maybe I’ll buy some yarn to make myself feel better.  Sounds like a plan to me.