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Well this has been an interesting week or so.  Lots of big assignments and exams due in the same week.  But on a good note I finished My Cryptonite, it’s done, and with minimal yarn chicken.  Well a bit of yarn chicken, ok more then just a bit.  I had to buy another skein of color A and it came in handy.  I should have chosen a yarn that wasn’t a little smaller then the requirement.  Color C started to freak me out enough that I checked my friends stash to see if they had that same color and lot.  She did, but I didn’t need it thankfully, I had plenty of B and C. The decision to cut in between a lot of the big sections meant a lot of ends, lots.  I thankfully wove them in while I went.  I just need to block it soon and get that going.  
I did start my Longfellow cardigan out of Casbah in Nori.  I’m really liking how it is working out so far.  I keep feeling the swatch on my arm, feels so good.  Makes me want this cardigan even more, but it’s going to take time.  Hopefully I’ll have it done next month, but that depends how much time I have to knit.  
Check out the add for the newest design, Spring Iris.  You’ll see it on the patterns page under the featured patterns on the right.