How time flies…


Having the My Cryptonite done felt really good, it had taken me a bit longer then it normally would have if I had more time on my hands to knit it.  That’s life however and I did the best I could.  It looks pretty good on, it’s still not cold enough for me to wear it, which here in California it really never gets that cold.  Well at least where I live and for someone who has a cold tolerance of a Canadian, but I digress.  I’m hoping that soon the weather will turn and start to get cooler, instead of going cooler and then deciding to go back into the 70s.  In any case I have a ok picture of me wearing it, I’ll take better ones when I wear it outside.
My new Longfellow Cardigan is coming along smoothly.  I couldn’t get the gauge that was in the pattern, but with a little math I’m knitting the size above the size I would normally wear.  This is my second sweater in a fingering weight yarn and I forgot how long it takes to knit.  It’s not a bad knit by any stretch of the imagination, but on size U.S. 4 and fingering weight yarn, it just takes time.  I’m about halfway to the underarms at this point and I have to resist the urge every so often to pet it.  I’m not big into 100% cashmere yarns, too warm for me, but the little bit in the Casbah does wonders.  The fabric should be perfect for me wearing during the “coldest” months here.  And the color is nice and neutral-ish too.  The back is currently completed, I’m working on one of the fronts right now and I have to say having less stitches makes it go by much faster.  It’s starting to get a little bit “cooler” here, so I can hopefully have it in time for that.

But in the mean time I did get another sweater’s quantity of fingering weight.  Not sure what I’ll make with it, but if I like the longfellow enough I’ll make it again.  I’ll have pictures of the yarn later.