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I’m sorry to everyone who reads this, since it’s been over a month since I last posted. This semester has been a Rollercoaster, taking up all of my spare time. But this is my final semester, I am finally graduating college with a degree. Changing majors set me back but in the end I have a major I actually like and will use. So now I am actually done as long as all of my exams go according to plan, I just had my last one today. Now it can move ahead with my life and all of the things that I’ve wanted to do.


Enough of that, lets get down to the knitting.  I had glorious plans on knitting my mother a pullover for Christmas, that probably won’t be happening.  I had so little time and such little brain power that following any kind of chart would have not ended well.  I’m still going to make it for her, it might just be a little late.  I was insane thinking that I could knit it during the last month of the semester, so much had to be done with school.  But never the less, she knows that I had a really rough semester and that I haven’t had a lot of time.  She’s definitely knit worthy.  It was very interesting however, last month when I asked her what she wanted me to knit for her, she wasn’t sure.  She told me that she had a lot of scarves and such, that she wasn’t sure she wanted more.  I asked if she wanted socks or a sweater, which her response was, “oh a sweater is too much work.”  Which then I had to tell her that it definitely wasn’t, especially when making it for her.  I have to knit the smallest size of most adult patterns, for them to fit her.  Lucky knitter that I am, which is a contrast to knitting a sweater for myself.
I did finish my Longfellow Cardigan out of Hand Maiden Casbah in the color Nori.  I am so pleased with it, everything just fits.  Though it is a difficult color to photograph well, so I’m going to try to snag a picture of me wearing it in good lighting.  This was the perfect project for my mind this semester, auto pilot all of the way.  I even have a different yarn to make a second one, but I think this time that one is going to be designated to the knitting machine.  I know, I know, a knitting machine defeats the purpose, or it’s not “real” knitting.  But damn it, if I can make this sweater in 2-3 days instead of 2-3 months, I’m ok with that.  Especially if the sweater is all stockinette stitch, which means perfect machine knitting.  Speaking of machine knitting, the sock machine is going to be pulled out of hibernation and I’m going to bust through some sock yarn stash.  I will probably sell the socks as well, for just a little over what the yarn cost.


Now that sweater is off of the needles its time for a new project.  I have already started it, two sleeves done, and the body is started.  I’ll tease you with this picture.  Hopefully next time will come a little sooner.  I have more free time now.