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Wednesday was an interesting day for me, not just in knitting but life in general.  I had plans to do a few things outside of the house, but over slept so that didn’t happen.  So I stayed home and did the bind off for the secret project that I have been working on.  Because of that decision someone backed into my car while it was parked in front of the house.  Nothing too major thankfully, but a bit inconvenient.  I’ll be dealing with it more next week, when it goes in for repairs.  But lets not talk about such things, lets talk about that super secret project.  Well it wasn’t a secret to a few people, just the recipient.


A knitting friend of mine that I know at the LYS is retiring and moving back to her home state with her husband.  I knew she would never make anything like a Romi shawl, so I decided that would be my gift to her.  I got the yarn wound by her, since she works at the shop, and she told me that she liked the color.  Unknown to her that the yarn she just wound was for her.  The color is an old but good color called Boxwood.  It was my sneaky test to make sure the color was good.  So then I got to work finding a pattern that I could make with a skein of Madelinetosh Silk Lace.  I landed back on the page for High Desert and thought it would be perfect.  So I cast on in the last month of the semester.  I didn’t work on it for a bit because of the sheer load of all of the end of the semester tasks.  It sat for a little bit until I could work on it again.  But I knew in the back of my mind that I needed to get this done before she left.  Friday this week was her last day at the shop, but I knew she would be around a little longer just in case I couldn’t finish it in time.  So I got to work, every spare second I could muster was working on the shawl.  I of course had to take breaks for my hands and arms would get a bit tired of working on silk lace.  It was finished Wednesday and immediately I blocked it, stretching it to an impressive size.  I only knit the small version just for sake of time and I thought the larger one wouldn’t fit her as well.


It was then wrapped up in a wrapping style I only use for special occasions.  Then I snuck it into the shop on Friday, then sneaked it to her.  It was well received and she was surprised that she didn’t know I was working on it.  I’m very glad that she liked it and she wore it the rest of the day.


Now I can get back to the 36 Daisies, I’m a bit behind on that now, but it was worth it.