Being behind in a knit against is not a great thing to be.  Getting the High Dessert done in the short amount of time was quite impressive, if I do say so myself.  I was pretty surprised that I was able to do the whole shawl in about two weeks.  In true knitting monogamous fashion I only knit on that until it’s completion, which really helped get it done faster.  Now that it is done I have picked up the 36 Daisies again, I only had three teeth done at the time I put it down.  Now that it is my only knitting concentration, besides having my bulky sweater I have too to give my hands a quick break from the smaller needles.  Or when having little brain power, it’s good to have sitting around.  However my main focus is the 36 Daisies, working to catch up to the other two.  Yes this is the next knit-against, yes we are making the largest size of the shawl, and yes we might be a little crazy.


If you don’t remember what a knit-against is, lets do a quick refresher.  It starts as a knit a long, but you get competitive.  Whenever you see the other people you ask them where they are in the pattern and others start keeping tabs on where everyone is in the pattern as well.  It’s become something of a spectators sport at my LYS, having people watching where all competitors are.  And having people be glad that they are not making what all of us are making.  It’s quite fun and a great way to get some projects done.  But the key to the knit-against is that you knit on a project that is the exact same size, so a level playing ground.  If we did sweaters, everyone would be making different sizes and have to do different shaping.  Same with socks, I would have to make the largest socks because I have big feet while some of the others have tiny feet.  So that is not a level playing ground, which is why we choose shawls/scarves that are just one size, or agree on the size of the shawl.


Since I was behind I had to motor a bit on the edging so that I could start the main large chart.  I finished the edging almost 3 weeks ago and I’m just about to finish the first set of charts.  I really need to motor on this so that I can get this done before stitches west.  I have a few days off which I’m hoping that I can get some more momentum on it.  But I’m going to have to take some breaks, due to knitting fatigue with such small needles and yarn.  So I’m going to alternate a bit between the chunky sweater I’m making and that.  Of course I’ll take some other breaks, give my hands and arms a good break.  Better get back to it.