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As of two weeks ago the three of us that are knitting on the 36 Daisies shawl were at almost the same point in the knitting.  That’s quite fantastic, since I was behind and one of the others was far ahead of the rest of us.  I’m still very happy with how mine is coming out, the yarn that I used is quite nice to use and it’s not a very difficult pattern to work on.  It’s just following 4 pages of charts and making sure you don’t make any mistakes.  Like all of us thought on the second section of charts that the middle of the charts would be the same as how we had been working.  We all make the exact same error and had to correct it to make sure the pattern was right.  I ended up knitting the next row and fixing as I went.  That did take me a while and I kept working after that keeping mind to the pattern.  I kept pressing on two weeks ago, hell bound on pulling ahead and winning this knit against.  I’ve been putting off blogging because I felt like I was just talking about the shawl and something else happened too.


Last Friday however something snapped in me.  I don’t know what exactly happened, but I just couldn’t get myself to pick up the knitting on this.  The pattern is not hard at all, as I’ve stated before, you just need to pay attention.  It’s not that I don’t like the yarn, I do like this Merino wool that I chose.  I even didn’t mind knitting with that much cream colored yarn, I knew this going into it.  For whatever reason I just snapped, I couldn’t knit on it any more.  I sat there at knit night and I just stared at it, talked with people around the table, but I didn’t knit on it.  I didn’t bring anything else with me to knit on because I planned on knitting on just that.  I had to get up from the table and look at all of the yarn that was around the shop.  I needed to see something that wasn’t cream lace weight.  I fantasized about the yarn that is in my stash, in beautiful hand dyes and begging to be knit.  I fantasized about quickly knitting some hats, getting projects fast off the needles.  I broke down and bought 3 skeins of yarn, two for a two color hat, and one for a very fast knit hat.


I still haven’t knit a stitch on the daises since then.  I’ve actually been making some progress on my Tamarack Cardigan.  The sleeves are attached, after I blocked them to make sure my blocked gauge was still correct and that the amount I knit would be sufficient.  I’m on the shaping for the neck and decreasing the sleeves down to get up to the finished bit.  It is out of chunky weight so it’s not very time consuming, but it does take me a little longer then normal because it’s using size U.S. 10s.  Not my normal knitting size but for this it’s perfect.  I really want this to be done soon too so I can wear it while the weather is still a little crisp.  For now I need to keep working on that, wound up two more skeins of yarn today along with the other two skeins of hat yarn.


And guess what, none of it is in (insert profanity here) cream lace weight and that makes me so happy.