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I’m actually a pretty good knitter, I’ve been knitting for 13 years. I would say I’m decently skilled. Even though that may be the case some recent events got me rethinking that. We all know by now I have some issues when it comes to patterns. Not that I can not read a pattern, but there are sometimes I have lapse in comprehension. Sometimes I think I know exactly what the pattern says. Just like the girasole when I thought I only needed to do one repeat of one of the charts instead of two. But this is one where I added a bit of instructions in my head and I decided to “trust the designer.”  Normally a good idea, most designers are good with their patterns. But not when the knitter has just woken up and is starting the final bit of a pattern. I mean I can knit lace first thing in the morning, fair isle, cables, you name it. But following a collar instructions and make sense of it, apparently not.


If you don’t know by now my normal wake up routine is pretty simple, get up (cursing at the morning), get coffee (no speaking to me until one cup has been consumed), sit down with some youtube and knit.  Well on Monday I was working on the short row shawl collar of my Tamarak cardigan and I read the instructions and they didn’t seem to make sense to me.  I wondered why I would start the short rows here and not up there, but I decided that I should trust the designer.  I kept going knitting away until I was about half way through the first section of short rows.  I looked at it and things didn’t seem right.  So I then looked back at the instructions and realized that I made a mistake.  This was of course after I had my two cups of coffee and was awake enough to actually follow instructions.  I then realized I added a single word to the set up row for the short rows that threw the whole collar off.  Just one “more” changed the whole collar and I proceeded to rip out everything that I had worked on.  I then flew through the rest of the collar that day and another project came off of the needles.  This was not the only mistake that I made that day.


I then blocked the sweater that night, into the sink it went with water and wool wash and let it soak.  I prepared the blocking mats as normal and proceeded to get rid of as much water as I could by hand.  Laying out my blocking towel I went ahead and squished out more water.  I thought during this process that I might need another towel since this is chunky yarn and it might need a little more water taken out.  But then I thought I wouldn’t need it, mistake number two.  I put the cardigan on the blocking mats, put it into shape, and let it sit there for a little bit before I went to bed.  Thankfully I didn’t go to bed right away.  The blocking mats were at a slight angle and about an hour later I noticed a small puddle on the floor.  The sweater was dripping onto the floor!  I proceeded to curse myself and quickly mopped up the excess water and grabbed another dry blocking towel and got rid of the excess water.  Since it hasn’t been too warm or dry here the last week it took about 4 days to dry in total.  But that was fine I had a new cardigan that I was excited about.  Even though it is chunky weight it is still light enough for me (in weight) and doesn’t overly burn me up.  Another big plus of the yarn that I chose.


Now it came time to get buttons, I wasn’t sure until it was dry what size I would actually need.  Yesterday I went through the buttons at my LYS and I found a perfect set of 5 buttons that just screamed, “we are the ones.”  Now I need to just add those buttons with their backing buttons and I will have a completed sweater.  Except I really don’t like putting buttons on, but hey it’s a small step to have a complete sweater.  I better get cracking and *knock on wood* that I don’t have a third mistake looming over my head.