Well now that the Tamarack cardigan is done I had to figure out what I should knit next. I mean I’m still putting the buttons on the Tamarack but that does not take too long. Yes I thought of the 36 daisies, but I think I’m needing a little bit more of a break from it. So I went through the queue and the stash to see what I could come up with. There’s projects that I want to start but they’re going to be for travel. So then I am not starting those just yet, but I found two projects that need to be finished. 
Anyone remember the London tube socks? I haven’t touched them since I was in the UK almost 2 years ago. They’re s good plain knitting project that I just need to get off the needles and it doesn’t take too long to make. I turned the heel and am going dutifully up the leg. But that’s not all, I know good your gasps for a little bit. This is another project from right before the UK trip, socks for my mother. She wore the other pair I made into submission. Though I think this yarn which is the same, needs to be relegated to hand wash only. Thead I picked back up are the sure socks. Which I lost the instructions to so I had to reprint them and figure out where I was. To my surprise I was just at the point to remove stitches for the heel and knit a little more and have a completed sock. So I did the heel stitch removal and then knit a little on it and had my mother try them on. 
They turned out a little tight but they should grow a little during blocking.  Finished the first one Thursday night.  I have the second one close to the second heel.  But I’m also weaving the toes on some machine knit socks so that some can be given to my mom and the others sold. She tried on the pair for her and they fit perfectly. They’ll be good for the trip in 10 days. 
Once those are done I’ll do some socks for me. I already have yarn and pattern picked. And alternate yarn just in case. I think I’m on a sock fix now.