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Well it’s that time again, making lists and checking them three times. That’s just how I am when I travel. I always make a packing list, make sure I added everything and even when I start packing I adjust it as needed. Pack as little as possible with room to bring stuff back. But I always want to be prepared for what may happen weather wise. But on top of that I have to make sure I’m occupied while flying, I’m not a happy flyer.  Knitting keeps me from freaking out that I’m in a metal contraption 1000s of feet in the air. But I have to pack first to get there. 

Making a packing list is the first part, I also have to charge everything, triple check everything, and make sure I have enough knitting. That is no easy task, you have to have enough projects and yarn to keep you occupied. But not so much you have no room for anything else and too many that you can’t finish. That’s the balancing game I’m facing but I think I have the right stuff planned. First will be a easy Romi Hill Lace shawl, the London tube socks, and a pair of slide socks with some extra yarn. But now that I’m looking at available space and time I have to rethink the knitting. So instead of the shawl I’m going to make a sharktooth for me this time. The socks will stay and that should be enough knitting. Especially because on the way home I most likely won’t be knitting because the needles aren’t allowed. 
Patterns printed, yarn wound, electronics charged, bags packed for the most part. Time for a quick break, then dinner, and right to bed. I have a 8am flight tomorrow that I don’t want to miss. Today I woke up at 3:30 and had to think for a second and said its not tuesday so I slept in until 5:30am. Tomorrow I get to be up at 4am… 12 hours of flying, 3 hour layover, being up for 36 hours when I finally get to bed, it’s going to be a long day tomorrow/Wednesday. I’m already tired.