Well it sure has been a few days since I last spoke to you all, there is a good reason for that however.  Tuesday/Wednesday I spent most of the day on planes and airports to go to Paris, France.  Leaving early Tuesday morning the flight came into Paris early Wednesday morning, which gave me time to get a few things from the airport, get to the flat which meant some traffic, and finally put all of the luggage down.  Once inside there was no rest for anyone because all of us had to stay awake until at least 6pm that night so that we could get onto Paris time.  So we walked around, bought things that we needed for the week, and took a trip to a famous cemetery.   The first day was exhausting and completely amazing.  It didn’t hit me until Thursday that we were actually in Paris.

But we have walked all over the city, taken the Metro and RER to some incredible places.  There was food that would make you cry from happiness and lots of photos to be taken.  But there is one thing that was missing for me, knitting.  I hadn’t knit since the plane, which I started another Sharktooth but this one is for me.  I got about half way through that when my arms and hands needed a break.  I also did get one sock of the London Tube Socks all the way done.  But once we landed, the knitting did not come back out until Saturday morning.  I finally pulled out the knitting and everything felt perfect.  Even though I had been looking at ravelry and making my list of yarns I wanted from one of the shops here, I just hadn’t knit.  I think I was just too distracted by all of the food, sights, and the over stimulation.  But with the looming bit of reality that is coming rapidly I knew I needed to finish this knitting. Since Charles de Gaulle airport doesn’t allow knitting needles in carry on luggage I had to get my knitting as complete as possible.


Well I started packing this morning and I found out in my dazed in flight state I decided to put the socks away and make sure they were the right.  So I had to do the bind off, which didn’t take that much time to be honest.  But now I’m looking at the remaining bit of yarn and the rest of the pattern and I might run out.  Well I know I don’t have exactly enough to do the pattern as written, I adjusted out 4 or so rows to get the other two to work.  But it’s looking like I’ll be even shorter this time around.  I’m not sure if I’m going to need another skein of the yarn or not.  But I’ll knit as long as I can with my shortening and if I run out earlier then anticipated then I’ll just figure it out.  But that’ll have to happen state side.  Time to have dinner and finish as much packing as I can before bed.  I get to fly for 12.5 hours without knitting, wish me luck.