It’s been 10 days since I’ve been back and it feels like an amazing dream. I can’t describe what I felt vising Paris, it’s a feeling of being home for me.  I’m having a big case of Ennui being back in California, but I have a lot of photos to remember the trip by.  Something that will have to carry me over until I can go back and see that amazing city again.  Finally after being back for 10 days I have all of my photos edited and ready to be printed into single prints and books.  Actually right now in another tab I’m uploading my photos to my favorite place for prints and I’m getting ready to turn them into a photo book.  If you asked what was my favorite thing that I saw while traveling I just couldn’t narrow it down to just one thing, everything in it’s own right was spectacular.


I also did buy yarn when I was there and looking back on it I think I was just a little too good.  I had to choose just one shop to visit and I might have been able to visit another, but I chose to visit La Droguerie.  This is not just a knitting store, they have buttons, beads, fabric, and all kinds of fun things to look at.  However if you are visiting from a “conventional” yarn shop view, it’s nothing like that.  You need to know what you want before you come in and if you don’t you need to pick exactly what you want.  Once you have your yarn and color choices, you then need to select how much you need.  The reason is you tell the staff exactly the yarn, color, and meters that you want and they will wind it exactly for you.  You can walk out of the store and immediately start a new project.  When they ask you if you want to watch them wind it, you tell them no you will browse their beautiful store.  While you browse if you need buttons, look at them, beads same thing.  Or if you want to put ribbon in your garment as the backer for your buttons, they have that too.  For what you get in the quality of yarn that I believe is all from France and dyed by them, the price is so amazing.  When I return to Paris, you can bet that I will return to the shop and pick up a lot more yarn then I did.


My sharktooth that I brought with me I was able to finish last weekend and I still haven’t blocked it.  That is on the to do list for today.  I did start knitting with some of the yarn that I picked up from my trip and let me tell you the yarn is magical.  I don’t say that lightly, but for being just a wool yarn (not sure on breed or anything) it’s is soft, nicely plied, and a pleasure for me to work with.  I’m using the yarn Benjamine in the colors Chocolate Glace and Muirs to knit on Bolt.  I didn’t realize it until I got back, but this will be a perfect addition to my new leather jacket that I got there as well (not at La Droguerie).


Right now I just have to wait for the first batch of photos to upload and then I can make my book.  Until that’s done I’m going to make some more progress on Bolt and show off a little bit about the trip, via photos.  I don’t think you’ll mind.