No I didn’t spill anything, even though I’m quite a klutz.  No this title references my creative juices flowing with my knitting.  I have a lot of idea with all kinds of projects that I want to knit.  I’ve been almost knitting on one project with a few exceptions for about a year.  Things like the 36 Daisies (no I haven’t worked on it, it’s looking at me right now…) mean I would need something else to work on when I need a break from a complicated project.  With all of these juices flowing I think I’m going to branch out to two projects at a time being worked on.  This is due to projects that were set to the wayside that need to be completed and partially some of the projects that I want to work on.  Bolt is done, blocked, and I’ve worn it.  It’s fantastic, I think it’s the yarn that really gets me.  I can’t sing enough praises about this yarn, La Droguerie you have vexed me. 
Now that project is done I needed to get something else going. Well the pair of the Mind the Gap socks were being worked on as well. But this post comes with not one but two finished projects.  Those socks are done and what can I say but they’re vibrant. They fit well, wish I did a little less short rowing on the heel but it’s ok. Washed and blocked now, they’re fantastic. They were an off and on again project, the first sock was knit on the way to London and Paris, and while in the UK. The second was all here at home. But it’s the memories that they bring when I see them. 
Now that I have those off the needles I needed to get something going again. I want to make something out of silk, a design. But I wanted to make sure I get the right fabric. So I needed to search, but even better a full project swatch. So I pulled out my silk The love of spiders shawl that went to the way side too. I’m now on the pattern before the border. It should block nicely but we will see. But that’s not the only thing on the needles. I got vexed by some yarn recently. My LYS got a shipment of the new madelinetosh colors and I found one i knew I had to make something with. After contemplation someone mentioned a pattern I made before. I dismissed it, because I didn’t want to make it. But then I thought about it and I gave that one to my mom. So then I made the decision to make this for myself this time, another viajante.