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Well it’s time again for something that I should have known would be coming.  I’ve been cleaning through all of my belongings trying to slim down a bit.  I’ve been using a Japanese technique (“The life changing magic of tidying up” by Marie Kondo, if you were wondering) and I’ve done a few areas now.  I’m really happy with the technique, makes me really think about what I need to keep and what is just taking up space.  But with that I’ve been doing some other tidying up and I saw how much yarn that I have.  To be fair in contrast to some stashes, mine would be considered a baby stash.  But for me and the space that I have I don’t think I can sustain it anymore.  With that being said I realized that I need to start getting the stash under control.  It’s the one area I’m not looking forward to going through with the method in the book.  But I know it’s going to need to happen soon, though I will need to put a stop to buying.


I had to sit and think about what I was going to need to do.  First I needed stop buying any yarn.  I thought about yarn for a design series being ok to buy, but then thought against it.  I have yarn for a few designs right now and I need to knit those up first.  Then my LYS got a shipment of Apple Tree Yarn in and I knew that I wanted a skein, just one.  That would be the final skein that I can purchase (maybe until Rhinebeck) and then I would be on a yarn embargo.  But I couldn’t resist the colors and there were two skeins that I wanted, but I settled on just one.  I picked out the pattern for it and I bought the yarn.  I’m thinking of a Reverse Psychology, which is a perfect pattern for this yarn.  But I need my U.S. 4s for it and for a design, one set is in Viajante and the other is in Love of Spiders.  So one of those needs to be finished before I start it, which is most likely going to be Love of Spiders.  Viajante has a long way to go before I can reclaim the needles from a finished project.


With that being said I need to knit more then I have been, I’ve been having way too much fun with my new computer I built.  It was such an amazing experience and I learned a lot, but now I’m kind of obsessed with playing games, watching movies, and doing other things on it that I couldn’t do before.  But with that it’s taking away from my knitting time and that’s not a good thing.  I have so much yarn and so many ideas that I need to get things done.  So I will need to limit how much I use the computer and if I can have it run tasks while I knit.  Another thing I thought about was bringing out the machines again and going through my yarn like crazy.  I’m good with the sock machine, that’s no issue.  I might even start selling socks from it again, let me know if you’re interested, it does some nice plain knit and ribbed socks in a 72 stitch configuration.


But I’m not that good with the flat bed machine that I have, not to mention that one piece isn’t working and I just keep forgetting to send it off to get looked at.  Then I remembered Craftsy so I took a look at the catalogue, which I haven’t done in a long time.  I saw some machine knitting classes that I think I could benefit from, so I think over the next few weeks I’ll get those up and running so I can knit some amazing things quickly.  I have a few sweaters I wouldn’t mind getting a lot of the knitting done on machine first.  But that’s still not enough for me I think, I want to knit a lot of projects that take a lot of yarn, but needs a lot of time.  Yesterday I was at my knit group and a few of them are working on the new Mystery Shawl by Joji.  I have to say I’m not much for mysteries anymore, but this one intrigues me.  5 colors of yarn, around 350 yards each (but I’d make sure to have more then that), knit in garter, some lace, and some interesting construction so it seems.  I had an idea for some colors that I think would be good for it, starting with some Wollemeise that I was given by a good friend of mine.  It’s in the color Dornröschen (Nobody is Perfect) and it’s this vibrant Pink with hints of red orange.  I think I know what yarn would pair with it just nicely, but I need to remember were I put it in the stash.  I need to stash dive pretty hard today, better get started.  I also need some US 4s to knit this project, which means I need one of those two projects mentioned earlier to be completed.  Maybe I’ll just use a US 5 for this one.  I’ll decide that when I find the yarn.  Which by the way, I couldn’t find the yarn that I wanted… Another reason I need to thin the stash down quite a bit.  I have discovered stuff that I have that I completely forgot about.  Not to mention it’s not documented in my stash page.  No photos today, I need to knit feverishly.