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I’m starting to wonder about my sanity with all of the yarn that I never put into my Ravelry stash. I went through just two bins yesterday and added in around 20-30 entries. That’s not even all of the yarn that I haven’t put, not even close. As I was putting yarn in I saw a sweater quantity that was sitting there and it took me a second to remember the brand. I looked in the stash and it was not in there. I had to stop at that point.  I was a little baffled with the amount of yarn that I have that I haven’t added to the online stash. I’m going to have to be more diligent in the future and get myself caught up on finding all of the yarn. I think this will be a good spendinging deterrent. I will be going more and more hroughbthr stash, documenting it all in Ravelry and start looking st what I would like to destash. 
But after finding yarn and picking what might work I brought the yarn to my knit group. We all looked through what I had on Ravelry and what I had there and they helped me come up with 2 complete options. The only thing is they both have one yarn in common. But I have another skein of that color in a thinner weight. But I could always just double that one up if I wanted to do both. After seeing them both that’s what I’m thinking of doing. 

I’ll start with the first picture and if I like the design and the knitting I’ll make another. I guess we will have to see. But first have to free up a needle for this project. Just need to complete the last pattern repeat and border on my Love of Spiders.