Alive and done, the Love of Spiders is completed.  I am completely happy with how it turned out.  I finished the knitting at my knitting group yesterday and I am super happy with it.  I had some of my friends feel it and melt, I mean it is 100% mulberry silk after all.  Even my mother felt it and kind of swooned a little bit and ask if it was for her.  It’s for me, but I might let her borrow it ever so often.  I haven’t woven in the ends or blocked it just yet, but thats for later today.  But with it all done it freed up the needles that I needed in order to do the mystery knit along.  But for now here is a pre-blocked look at the finished item.


Looking pretty good if I do say so myself.


You remember I said that I was going on a yarn embargo?  That wasn’t that long ago, when I saw the state of the stash and decided that I needed to slim it down?  Well I caved once again, but for a good reason.  Well more of a justification in my head.  This colorway was out of stock and I liked it quite a bit.  So when I saw another ball on the shelf I wasn’t going to take chances and so I picked it up.  With that purchase I earned a reward with the shop which I think I will buy one more skein of that yarn and resume the embargo.


It’s Apple Tree and it’s beautiful.  Also helps that I have a good lighting set up now.


And I have some ideas for weaving from stash that I want to do, but I need to get a few different dent heddles for my loom first.  More to come on that.