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When I’m knitting on something I’m usnsure if I’m going to like how the pattern or yarn is playing out I have a strategy.  That strategy is to not cut the yarn at all. Hear me out because it’s smart and nuts at the same time. When I knit on Bolt I was not sure I was going to have enough, even though I was pretty sure I had enough yarn. So I would not cut the yarn until I was done with the project and in some cases after a certain amount of work I would cut the yarns as needed. This is a strategy I’m doing on the Joji mystery knit, not cutting any of the yarn which makes it very easy to rip out with no material waste or knots. But there is a downside to this, especially with more then two colors, your balls of yarn tangle a lot.  You have to be very diligent about getting everything in order and making sure that they do not tangle.  I have let them tangle a bit since there is a bit of knitting that needs to be done, but it still happens.  I think at this point I’m happy enough with how it’s turning out that I will be cutting the yarn and weaving the ends as I go.  Which will cut down on time spent after the project is complete and make blocking faster.  But as it stands I have all five balls of yarn attached to this project right now and it’s a bit unruly.  On the bright side, besides the colors being bright, it’s coming along quite nicely.  I’m only working on one of the two pieces needed for right now.  I want to get caught up on the clues before Friday when the next clue launches.  But that might not happen, or it might depending on how much time I knit.  That and making sure I don’t fatigue out my hands and arms in the mean time.


On another note, my Love of Spiders is done, all blocked and ready to wear.  It did grow a little bit which I did expect being 100% Mulberry Silk.  What I did not expect was that it was going to be slightly asymmetrical, which might just have been an error on my part.  Though I did keep the stitch count correct throughout the project, but might just be a weird thing with mine.  I absolutely love how it turned out and my mother asked if I would make something for her out of the same yarn.  I only have one more project worth of that yarn and it’s already designated for something else.  So I might have to get more of it once the yarn embargo has lifted, whenever that is.  But for now I will just have to enjoy what I have just made.  By the way I am in love with how fast silk dries.  I did wet block it Sunday around 4pm and by the time I checked on it at 2am it was dry.  I will need to get some pictures of me modeling it when I have some time and when it’s daylight.


Time to get back to the knitting of the mystery, lets hope I can make some good progress today.