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Well I’ve done it again, yarn fell into the stash. I didn’t mean for it to happen, sort of. I bought something because I had the ability to get some reward points used for it so it made sense. And those points will expire at some point, so I figured less temptation later. Or at least that was the rationale behind one of the purchases. I originally intended on getting another ball of Apple Tree sock yarn in a really nice Rainbow color.  But the ball of that I wanted sold, which is ok I want the shop to do well.  But then I thought maybe I shouldn’t use the discount and just let it sit there.  Well that wouldn’t do at all, so I looked around more and more.  Then I saw some yarn that I never considered before, which another knitter at the table bought to weave with.  I then got the brilliant idea that I should weave with that yarn too, but with two skeins.  I’m really not sure what I will weave with it, but I think it’ll be quite nice.  The yarn I picked up was Hanalei Strings Bamboo Cotton in the Pele Fire color way.  It’s quite a nice combination of colors and I think it will weave up to be a quite nice whatever it’s going to be.  But the adventure doesn’t stop there.  I was driving up to Berkeley for my normal drive up to see my significant other and I decided that I would go up a little early and check out a new yarn shop.  This is a shop that I wanted to see after someone mentioned it around the table.


This is where I fell.  The shop in question is none other then The Black Squirrel which is a nice little shop.  But don’t be fooled by it’s size, it packs quite a punch.  This is a shop I would say similar to A Verb for Keeping warm in it’s caliber and what they offer.  Not only do they offer some nice fabrics, I’m not a sewer so I can’t be the judge of that.  But they offer quite an impressive selection of hand dyed yarns from indie dyers across the country.  I mean how could you say no to this sight?


Everything is group based on color which is nice to see, very visual appealing.  Then the yarn is played out in each cube to have the smaller weight yarns at the top and gradually getting larger as you go clockwise.  I had to stand there and stare at the wall for a bit, with my knitting in hand.  So I wouldn’t go too crazy, but ended up happening any way.  The staff was very friendly and she said she just started knitting in December.  We had a nice conversation about knitting and crafting.  Then I started to really pull out yarn and touch it.  I came away with seven skeins of yarn.  I didn’t even realize how much I had bought until I was putting it into my bag.  Ok this is going to be a long progression of yarn, please stay with me.

First off, we have a skein of Spun Right Round in Super Wash Sock 80/20 in the color ways Rumble in Brighton and Graffiti Overlay.

Next there is a skein of Material Culture Fiber Arts Modern Era Sock in Snowbird and a skein of Twisted Owl Fiber Studio 2-Ply Sock in Penny Slot.

And we finally have Nox Yarn Diana Sock in Reverie and Machete Shoppe Dirty DK in Purrmaid.


What can I say I’m a sucker for some nice hand dyed yarns. But after this I am officially done with buying yarn for a while.  Yarn embargo in full effect, but this yarn will be good to have in the stash.  The Dirty DK is going to be a woven scarf most likely, but I’ll need to get a different heddle for my loom to make it.  More on that later, but I have a pretty good plan.  For now I leave you with the finished clue 4 of the Joji Mystery Knit Along.  Time to start the second piece.