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I know it has been a little bit of time since I last posted here but I have good reasons for that.  One of those reasons is that I’ve been working on the same thing for the last week or so and it might have not been the most interesting content.  Sure the colors are pretty and it’s knitting, which is why I assume you read this blog.  But it is an identical piece to the other that I already knit.  Same colors, same pattern, same twisted rib that I am not a fan of knitting.  But the same piece none the less.  So I was preparing another bit of content for here, but things kind of derailed.  I’ve been having some issues with my back the last few days, which kept me laying at home for most of Sunday and all day Monday.  Monday I felt well enough to sit up and knit for a while which got me almost to the point to join both pieces of the Joji mystery knit along.  I have started the joining of the two pieces and I’m so happy to be getting this off of the needles.  I have plans for the needles that are in this project.


Last week I got the spinning wheel out and made a lot of progress on some fiber that I’ve had on the wheel for a long time.  It’s a very fine single and probably will be a heavy lace when it’s chain plied.  I never intended for it to be so fine, but the fiber told me spin fine and fast.  So I listened and did what it said, but it might be a bit too thin.  I will have to figure that out once I have actually finished all of the spinning and plying.  I might knit with it but more likely I’ll weave with it.  Speaking of weaving I am going to be picking that back up as well.  I’ve had a scarf on there for months now and I would like to have it done so I can make something else.  Which brings me to something that came in the mail yesterday.  I received an email on Sunday from Amazon, which I usually just delete, but I was reading the title when I hit delete and I had to get it back.  This recommendation was actually a good one.  It was for a new weaving book that intrigued me.  The book is called Handwoven Home by Liz Gipson and it intrigued me.  So I downloaded a sample of the kindle copy and read through it.  What I saw I liked and I wondered if my local Barnes and Noble carried it, they said they had it so I went down.  I spent maybe 30 minutes looking everywhere for the book and it was no where to be found.  So I left and ordered it on Amazon.  Anyways the good stuff now, it talks about making weaving projects for the home.  Something that has had me intrigued for a while about weaving.  I’ve wanted to make towels and all kinds of things.  And it’s all rigid heddle based, so I can use my Schacht Flip for it.  But I will have to figure out what yarns I will be using and if I need more heddles, which is a yes.  But I will do some other projects first and then start getting more tools of the loom.


No pictures this blog, back is still a little temperamental today.