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First and foremost I must start this off with a I think I found the problem. My back was not happy with me this morning yet again and I think I know what the problem is. My bed is getting a bit old and it needed to be replaced sometime soon. However I will be replacing it when I move out at some point so I don’t want to get one right now. If I did I would get one and then get another later when I move out. Since right now I have a twin and would like to get a queen, but for now I’ll have to make due. I flipped what I have over and it feels better but tomorrow will be the test of that. But enough of my back and bed issues let’s talk about knitting. Because there has been a bit of it lately, since sitting and laying around has been the extent of my abilities at this point.



Yes this is the last and final bit of knitting to be done on the Joji Mystery Knit.  If you looked at the forums you will see a bunch of people have already finished, but that’s not the point.  I started this when clue 3 came out, I’m currently on clue 5, which is pretty good.  I was able to catch up to the point where I started 2-3 weeks later and am done about a week after the last clue launched.  I would say that’s pretty good, but with the last bit of knitting and ends to weave in I have to start getting ready for the next project for these needles.  I already know what that’s going to be and it’s going to be a surprise for all of you, since I won’t be talking much about it for now.


For the sake of getting things done I’m going to have a bit of a schedule I’ll be keeping for my knitting, spinning, and weaving.  Since the last two have fallen to the wayside a bit, I’m going to have to set dedicated days or range of days that I need to put work into them.  I’m thinking weaving will be on Wednesdays or Mondays (the idea to have a “W” or upside down “W” in the day).  Then for spinning any day with a “S” in it (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday) at least then I’ll get some more finished objects from two areas I love working on but don’t that often.  I know it will slow down some of the knitting but that shouldn’t matter too much, I’ll still be getting good progress on things.  For example I’m about 20-28″ into a scarf on the loom, if I work on it for an hour once a week I would add a bout 4-16″ on it which would mean I would have a scarf done in about a month if I only did 1 hour per week on it.  But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t spend more time on it.  As for spinning I’m about 1/2 and ounce left on the fiber I’m spinning and that should take about 2-4 hours of spinning time to finish.  It’s only that long since I’m spinning it so fine.  Then I would probably ply it in one day and then have finished yarn to weave or knit with.  I think that this plan should be effective.  For now I’m going to ease my back and knit some more of Clue 5, hopefully getting that done today.