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Another project completed is a good feeling. When you finally cast off your stitches and see how much stashed yarn that you use. It’s a really good feeling, let me tell you. When you see how much yarn you’ve used and to have something finished, such a good feeling. But you all knew that. It’s something all knitters know even if you haven’t been knitting for that long. It’s that sense of accomplishment, turning yarn into something that can be used. I’m especially proud of this one because I started 3 weeks in and finished a week after the last clue was released. I’m of course talking about the Joji mystery knit along. I’ve been working a lot on it and on Friday I cast off. All of the ends that needed weaving in, were woven in. And blocking was the last but that needed to happen. However, my back hasn’t been cooperating with me still. Today I had to stay home from work and I had to cancel some plans that I had for the day. There’s not much I can do about it, but I think it’s time to get looked at.
But today I’ve felt better enough to put the big piece of knitting into the water and block it. Since it’s going to be 96F here today I figured I might as well. It should dry pretty quickly and then I can cut the ends and it’ll be done. Now those needles are free and I’m planning the next bit that’s going to be on he needles. I needed those US size 4 needles for a few projects but I have one in mind. As for the other size 4s, they’re still in my second Viajante. That is my simple knitting in which I can just zone out and watch Netflix or what not.  The other projects that I have in mind will need a little more brain power.  Which is ok, I want to have one simple project and one more involved project so I can alternate as needed.  Speaking of the second Viajante, it’s going fairly well even though it’s getting slower now.  Which is to be expected when you’re increasing every second round.   But that’s not what you’re here for, you want to see pictures.  I understand, which I was able to snag one picture of the finished object as it’s blocking.  I won’t be able to do much more in terms of photos because of the back.  But I’ll try to get some glamor shots of it on me, when the weather is a little cooler maybe in the morning.


This wouldn’t fit in the light box in it’s stretched out state and I don’t have enough space to put in a second pair of mats.  But this is what I have to work with right now, so there it is.  In all of it’s finished glory and my mom doesn’t like it because of the two Wollmesie colors, which is ok.  This is going to be for me I think, unless another recipient comes up.  But for now I’m going to let it dry, which shouldn’t be too much longer to be honest.  I’m going to lay down a little bit longer, maybe get some more knitting done on the Viajante or start the next project.  I’m thinking silk would be a good option.