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I forgot how much I like to weave.  Of course I knew I liked to weave but I forogot how much I enjoyed it. My loom has been neglected for a while but when I pulled it out again and proceeded to weave 4″ in no time the love affair was back. Creating fabric so quickly and beautifully makes me excited once again. Winding yarn onto the shuttle so I could continue making something out of nothing with only strands in perpendicular orientation. It’s quite fascinating to me and fun. I’m still working on the scarf that’s on the loom right now but it’s still fun. Even though for some reason I couldn’t find my pick up stick, which is needed for he pattern I’m working. But I had to improvise with the extra shuttle, which worked out well enough.  Right now I’m about 28 inches in on the scarf and I am hoping that I have enough yarn to go at least another 28-36 inches.  Yes this is the yarn that I looked for, for over a week.  Hopefully once I finish and wash the scarf the pattern will really pop, for now I just have to wait and see.  I didn’t do a swatch like an impatient person that I can sometimes be.  But in any case I think it’s going to be a nice scarf once it’s done.  Which I am looking forward to the next project on the loom, which will be that hand dyed cotton that I picked up a few weeks back.  That’s going to keep me going until I can get there.


As for knitting, Viajante is doing fairly slowly, I’m working on it here and there, but not as much as I could be.  For the other project it’s actually going very well.   The design is coming out nicely and I think it’s because I’ve been meticulously planning it.  It is out of Mora Silk again, which is becoming a favorite yarn of mine.  Not much knitting going on to talk about, which makes this a little dull.  But I’ll keep you distracted with some pretty pictures hopefully.


A little sample of a Polaroid I took last Saturday.  It’s not perfect, or sharp, or anything, but it’s the look that I wanted.  And it’s quite fun.  Ok back to knitting/weaving.