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The weaving is going splendidly.  I finished the scarf that has been on the loom for months now.  It feels so good to get this off of the loom.  I wish I had made it a little longer, since it’s not the longest scarf.  But the width is good, next time I’m going to make it a little narrower.


The yarn is Miss Babs Yummy Sock in the color Zombie Reunion.  Quite a nice bit of yarn, but I made a few mistakes when I wove this.  I didn’t get the length I want and the hem I did on the top and bottom wasn’t tight enough.  But overall it’s a nice pattern, but I don’t think that I would do this one again.  But the pickup stick pattern was a nice exercise in learning new skills on the loom.


With that being done I have already planned the next two things I am going to weave.  One is going to be a nice long and decently wide scarf out of the Machete Shoppe Dirty DK in Purrmaid.  I already did the calculations for the project and I think I’ll have plenty for it.


The next will be a super wide and long scarf out of the hand dyed bamboo cotton yarn.  But  I need to actually warp up the loom first.  I’m thinking I’m going to need to get a warping mill, direct warping is nice.  However with the restrictions I have on space makes it a little difficult.  I’ll start looking into that while I get ready to warp up the loom.