I think I’m on a weaving kick a little bit. I’ve prepared the math for the next 2 projects that will be going on the loom. I think we discussed that in the last blog, but I have done the math for the weaving that I will be doing. The first of those is using that wonderful DK that I bought up at The Black Squirrel a few weeks ago. It even has a recipient when it’s all done, my mother. She saw the color and was enthralled with it. Even though she has a lot of knit scarves and shawls, there are little to no woven items. So that is no problem, with the warp calculated I direct warped the loom. Then we were talking and she was interested in how the loom was set up, so I didn’t do the rest of the setup. I showed her how the loom is set up to get it ready to weave. She watched and asked questions and said, “that’s way too much setup.” I said yes the setup, like in machine knitting, or sewing, takes a while but the actual act of weaving doesn’t take too long. So I shredded the warp, tied it onto the front, and started the waste bit of weaving. I showed her how the basic weaving works and how the fabric is made.  She was interested but I don’t think she is going to be weaving any time soon.  But it was quite interesting to have her interested in a fiber craft, that wasn’t about the finished item.  So that was quite a surprise for me.


Weaving is going well I have about 5 inches woven, but I honestly haven’t been working on it that much.  Knitting has come to a slight stand still because I’m just doing all kinds of things right now.  Oh and it’s Tour de Fleece, which I haven’t been doing any spinning for.  I might do a little more weaving and spinning today, once I get some of my knitting done for the day. Time to get back to it, no pictures today, not enough progress to show.