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I think that this is a sign that the slump is on the way out.  Today I actually pulled out my knitting from the bag.  I didn’t just look at it longingly and feel the fabric, no I did actually pull it out and did something productive.  I put the needles in my hands, grabbed the yarn, and then proceeded to knit one round.  It felt so good to have needles and yarn in my hands making something for the first time in a while.  This simple round of plain knitting on the Viajante made me feel so much better.  But it is still a bit far off from where I was before the slump happened.  Though I will be looking at my knitting again more later and hopefully I can do a little bit more of it.  
I’ve also been looking through my favorites and queue again to get some inspriation to start something.  I am going to try to get projects lined up for when the slump is gone and the projects start falling off of the needles.  Which should be helpful in getting me out of the slump.  Fast forward to Friday in which was knit night at my LYS.  I went even though I really have not been knitting that much/at all.  I went and had a lovely time, looking at others knitting and all of the yarn that the shop has to offer.  I looked at a lot of yarn while I was there and I think I am on the way out of the slump even more.  I bought one more skein of Apple Tree Knits yarn, which is lovely and I have a pattern picked for it.  The other is three skeins of shibui yarn for a Riverine which a few knitters around the table are making.  The shop has had a sample of one for a few weeks now and I keep thinking about making one.  But the color I wanted they only have 2 of the trio that is required, which would mean I would need to order the last skein from somewhere else.  So I didn’t buy that color before and did not now either.  What I did end up with is a color that is very me and delicious.  The color for all three skeins is Bordeaux, which is a lovely deep burgandy much like a fine wine.  

The skeins are wound, I have the pattern printed, and the needles are at the ready.  I think that I’m going to cast this on right now and start knitting.  Though I’m not looking forward to the mohair, but I think I’ll be just fine.  Mojo is coming back thankfully and hopefully I’ll be going through projects left and right.  But I will need to track down some of the sweaters I have not finished and proceed to rip them out.  They are now too big, so I will rip them out and start a new one in it’s place, once my body stops shrinking.  Again we fast forward to right now, I have knit the first few rows of the pattern.  This is more knitting then I have done in the past 2 weeks, so I count the 8 rows to be a big deal.  I’m still a little unsure about how it is looking at it’s current gauge, but I think it will be just fine.  

Oh and I did fall down more on the Apple Tree Knits, I picked up a skein of Ice Queen.  I have many plans for all of my Apple Tree yarn.  More on that later, I am going to work a bit more on my new project.