Again I am still knitting on the same project as I talked about in the last post. It’s going quite a lot quicker then I anticipated. I had plenty of Pebble to get through the first portion of the pattern.  Then I needed to switch to the Silk Cloud, which I wasn’t sure I was going to like knitting with or not.  Fuzzy yarns like that and me don’t necessarily get along that well and this one is just the same with me.  Though it’s not as bad as I thought that it would be, but it’s still not my favorite yarn to work with.  The effect that I’m getting with it is quite nice and  I can see why it was chosen for this pattern.  When I make another one, which yes I am planning on making another, I will still use what they ask for.  Maybe I’ll substitute two skeins of Pebble instead, but that is for future me to decide.


I will say I did have some interesting bits with the Silk Cloud when I first started working with it.  The first is it likes to stick to the Cima yarn quite a lot.  I mean after the first chunk of the Cloud I worked with the Cima and I noticed something odd when I was getting ready to work the next row.  The Silk Cloud ended up getting pulled in front of a stitch and back around to the back, so I just dropped that stitch and freed the yarn.  But then I would eventually be knitting and it would find itself doubled with the other yarn.  So I have been holding them separately when I am knitting.  It seems to be helping, but the Silk Cloud is a bit of a slower knitting yarn for me.  Which doesn’t bug me too much, but it is a little bit.  I like to bust through these simple patterns and the yarn is slowing me down.  Maybe bugging me a little bit is more of an understatement, it does bug me.  But not enough to get me to never use this yarn in this pattern again.  We will see if I still like it when it is all done and blocked.  I’m hoping by next week I can work on some other things because this project will be done.  And trust me I have a line of other things that I need to work on.  Gifts for some people and a new yarn that came in this week at my LYS.  I have a pattern picked out and it’s a great yarn for summer.  What that is you’ll just have to wait and see.  Pictures coming soon.