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Yes I am still working on Riverine, yes it’s not the most interesting knitting, but it is knitting.  I will say that I am still quite happy with how it’s turning out, but the yarn had a different story.  The Silk Cloud is a mohair silk blend, so naturally it likes to stick to things, like the other yarn.  I’ve had it pull onto the other yarn as I am working it and then I have to think it back.  Not that bad to be honest, but it’s not great either.  Still it’s better when some how I got the silk cloud to go in front of the work for a stitch and then back and I knit the next row after.  I didn’t notice the error until I was getting ready to wrap the yarn up the side for the next set of rows.  So I went ahead, muttering under my breath how much of an idiot I felt like, and dropped the stitch and corrected that error.  But that all comes to the last bit of fun I had with knitting this so fart.  I have been working the silk cloud from the outside of the ball to avoid it tangling.  But what did it do anyways, that’s right it tangled.  But not with a single strand of the stuff, no it grabbed onto the little bit that was showing from the center and tangled wit that.  I was able to complete the wrong side row and clip the yarn, there was no way to save it.  So I had to rejoin, not the worst thing in the world, but I just hate sewing in ends.  But now that I know these tendencies I can go forth knitting as much as I have been.  I’m coming to the end, sorta, of this project and I am already getting ready for the next few.  Some of those will be baby knits, but others will not be.


My LYS got in a new yarn, I remember telling you about that in the last post.  Which yes I have been bad and have not been taking photos or posting that much.  There has not been that much exciting going on here, but I digress.  The yarn is from Schoppel-Wolle and if you know who they are you know they make some nice yarns.  This one is the Zauberball Cotton in Color 2338, which is so descriptive.  If you have not seen this yarn yet it is a 100% Organic Cotton fingering weight.  When I saw them at my LYS I knew that I needed to make something out of it.  So I had to put down my knitting needles and browse my queue to see what I wanted.  I found a few things but I thought they wouldn’t show off the yarn and pattern at the same time.  So I kept going, browsing even deeper into Ravelry, going into the massive library of patterns.  Then I remembered a pattern that would work well for this yarn, so I found it.  I looked at what others had used to make it and sure enough Zauberball was one of the yarns used.  Not the cotton variety, but still would show what I could expect.  Then I turned to the knitting group and showed them the yarn and the pattern.  They all said that it would be perfect and one really wants to see it knit up right this second.  I am not going to do that, because the whole monogamy knitting has gotten hold of me again.  But it will definitely be on my needles very shortly.


And finally for this lets talk about the stash and UFO’s.  After doing a deep cleaning yesterday I got to see a lot more of the stash then I have seen in a while.  Mind you most of it fits in it’s designated bins, but some still doesn’t fit.  I keep saying this, but right now I really mean it I am not going to buy anymore yarn for a while.  The only exception is to complete a project or if I need to make something for a gift and I do not have the right yarn for the job.  But I pulled out the bin of sweater quantities yesterday (which by the way, is not all of it, there are some tosh and other quantities that are not there), but I discovered yarns that I forgot about.  Also these yarns are not in my stash on Ravelry, I’m going to have to do another session of photos and uploads coming soon.  But I got to see some lovely yarns that I have that I need to knit.  Some of them are geared towards more summer time and I think I need to up those into the knitting queue soon.  I also pulled out a bunch of UFOs that have been languishing for quite some time.  Some of those were sweaters started a while ago but put away for some reason.  Now that I have been shrinking a bit these sweaters would not fit me anymore.  Some of them I would want to knit again or knit into something else.  Others I just don’t want to deal with anymore, but I have made a pile of projects that will be frogged.  I know a lot of you would gasp at that and rightfully so if you saw some of the items.  I have a sweater that just needs the ends sewn in, a body compete with the seams complete, a tank top that I made that I don’t particularly like, some shawls and failed designs.  Well they’re not failed, I just don’t want to make them anymore to be honest and they aren’t something I think would work out.  But there is a lot of frogging that I will be doing in the upcoming days, I’m not going to enjoy some of it.  Especially when it comes to removing seams and unwinding sweaters that were alternated with two skeins of yarn.  But for now i’m going to work on my Riverine and think about the next bit of knitting I will be doing.