Well it has been some time since I last talked to you all, whoever you all are.  I have been working on the Riverine like a mad man.  I am on the very last stripe section, just using up the rest of the Silk Cloud yarn.  I will say that this has been a very interesting project, not because it is that interesting to make, but more interesting in it’s effect.  Only 3 skeins of yarn from Shibui, some knitting on the bias, and alternating those 3 skeins make an interesting scarf.  I’m really hoping that it will grow quite a bit, since it isn’t as long as I would like it.  But I’ll block it into submission soon enough.  Now that I’m coming to the end of that project I’m going to have to start looking at another.  I already have some of the yarn wound, granted it’s only 2 skeins, but I have the first ready to go for a baby gift.  I think this will be one of a few that I’m to be making.  Which thankfully baby items don’t take that long to make at all.  I’m going to try to make a size that the recipient can wear once the weather starts to cool down, or right away as well.  I haven’t decided on that quite yet, but I think the mother will be quite happy with it.  I did show her the pattern that I was thinking of and she thought it was adorable.  So a win on my part, but I knew she would like anything that I made for her.  With that in the wings I have to think about what I’m going to make after that, which I think I know what that is going to be as well.  I have so much that I want to knit, not to mention knitting on the things I was working on before the slump hit me.


But I am having a knit worthy friend ask if I would be willing to make a sweater for her.  I have no problem with doing it, I just need to know more.  Thankfully she doesn’t want it until December so that gives me some time to work on it.  And I think it’s going to be a worsted weight or thicker yarn, which means speedy knitting.  Hopefully we can get it figured out and I can get going on that.  Since I have the sweater bug still and I don’t want to make anything for me just yet, since I am still changing in size.  But I think in a few weeks I might just start making a seater for me.  Ih ave a few ideas to which I would work on first.  Most likely a worsted sweater since that would be a little quicker.  Except the one I really want to make is heavily cabled, so more time.  We shall see, but it is going to be all from stash, since it is too large for its space now.  I really need to pull out a knitting machine again and get some things quickly out of stash.  Maybe while I’m off for the next few days I’ll make some socks and sell them.  We will see, I have to knit through a little more of the silk cloud first.  I want this blocking tonight if I can.  No pictures today, I need to be knitting like the wind.